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Welcome to The Strange Life

Join me in this strange journey!

 Hello, Le-Strangers! Welcome to, with me, Lizz Lestrange. This blog was originally created to make myself believe that blogging was my niche! I wanted so bad to just be one of those bad ass bloggers with motivational things to say, but it turns out it's a lot harder than it looks!! 

A little about myself, I'm a 32 year old bartender who is ready to find her niche in LIFE (and I know I'm not alone here). My soon to be husband is an amazingly, talented musician, producer and owner of Widowmaker Studios! Having an extremely ambitious partner who knows exactly what he wants to do in life is a blessing and it lights a fire under your ass! 

I have so, so many hobbies I enjoy doing and dabble in such as music, writing, photography and hula hooping! I am not great at any of those things because straight up, I'm lazy! Lazy but ready to get my ass out there and try, and fail and try again!

So, in conclusion, I will keep track of my crazy journey and progress in all my attempts of success on this site (which I have owned for months and will hopefully, eventually become my outlet), and you are more than welcome to join me! This is it, guys, my "here goes nothing!" moment! 

Love and Peace, 

Lizz Lestrange

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